Flags: specifications and restrictions

Flags are only permitted in the King Baudouin Stadium under certain conditions. Flagsticks must be flexible, hollow and made of plastic. They must be made from one single piece of plastic and the maximum height is 1.5m. The stick must only feature one flag.

Large flags may be secured to the net behind the last row of the grandstand. Flags that cover spectators are not permitted. Large flags can also be laid on the track by the stewards.

Grote vlaggen

Flags may also be hung from the fence as long as they do not disturb spectators. The maximum permitted height for these examples is 1.10m (up to the edge of the inner fence). These flags may not under any circumstances obstruct exit gates in the fence.

Max hoogte : 1,10

A positive message or flag measuring approx. 60cm high may be attached to the grandstand balcony as long as it doesn’t disturb the supporters. It is vitally important that this banner does not disturb the supporters or the cameras.

Maximum height : height of the concrete