Pro League+

Football+ Foundation

‘Football can’t change the world, but it can feed a good shot.’ For years, the Pro League has used this positive and realistic attitude to underpin its social activities. Not only is its Christmas campaign SOS Children’s Villages in the stadiums a permanent calendar fixture, it also organizes an annual awareness campaign on tolerance in collaboration with the clubs and the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

All sixteen Pro League clubs additionally have a social programme adapted to their local environment. They are convinced of the added value this offers and of  the positive effect it has on their organisation. Yet we can do more. The Pro League aims to develop into an organisation of sixteen socially responsible businesses which provide a basic social operation. In partnership with the Football+ Foundation, the Pro League wants to create a social surplus in its sixteen home bases. Good going for the first division! Keep it up, but most of all: show it, use the +!’

Ludwig Sneyers, Director-general

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